Can’t get enough of Mad Mike’s Sausage?

  • Join The Club to receive bi-monthly releases of Mad Mike’s Gourmet Sausages and Sauces + all the great benefits of membership
  • 15% off your quarterly release sausages and sauces + 15% off sausages and sauces included in release for the entire month
  • 10% off non-release sausages and sauces + other gourmet food products and Mad Mike’s merchandise
  • Complimentary sausage and sauce tasting at Mad Mike’s Store for two
  • Invitations to exclusive Club events, such as Pick Up Parties and dinners, as well as other Mad Mike’s events
  • Plus monthly newsletter and access to Mad Mike’s tried and true recipes

 Pick up at Mad Mike’s Store or shipping is available

Sausage Club

Mad Mike is known for his sausages, which he humbly believes to be the world’s greatest!
Join our Sausage Club and receive: two lbs. of one flavor + two lbs. of another flavor + one bonus flavor = five lbs. of sausage (picked up or delivered) x six times a year

Sausage & Sauce Club

Mike is mad about more than just sausage!
Join our Sausage & Sauce Club and receive: two lbs. of one flavor of sausage + one bonus flavor of sausage + two jar products (sauce, jam, etc) = five delicious Mad Mike’s products (picked up or delivered) x six times a year

You Choose How Mild or Wild

You Choose How Mild or Wild

Club Releases: Club releases are six times a year. The sausages (& sauces) in each shipment are hand selected by Mad Mike himself and swapping is not allowed. Members’ card will be automatically processed the beginning of the shipment months for the price of the sausage with the 15% discount plus taxes and any applicable shipping and handling costs.

Shipping and handling: Sausage is a perishable item so all shipments will be overnight/next day delivery. Shipping and handling costs will not be refunded for misdirected or returned shipments and fees will be charged for re-shipped releases.

Pick Up & Benefits: Only members listed on membership have permission to pick up releases and use member benefits. Members must live at same residence in order to share a membership (ex: spouses, partners, significant others, etc).

Changes to Membership: Changes to membership, including Club preferences and delivery method, must be in writing and sent to prior to the first of the release month.

Cancellation: Members may cancel after they have purchased 5 lbs. to activate their membership and received the two automatic Club releases. All cancellation request must be in writing (mailed, in-store, or via email. Cancellation requests must be received before the 1st of shipment months to avoid being charged for the next shipment. Refund requests will not be processed due to late or improper cancellation notice.

We are committed to protecting member privacy. Personal information is for Mad Mike’s American Gourmet Inc use only and will not be sold or shared. Mad Mike’s American Gourmet Inc reserves the right to change or amend the Club at any point. Mad Mike’s American Gourmet Inc reserves the right to cancel membership at any point. Members agree to the terms outlined above by completing membership form.